Image by Hannah Busing



Christmas Hills Primary School has a welcoming, caring and engaged school community. Our strong partnerships between school, home and community fosters a love of learning and self confidence in our students. A wonderful benefit of joining our school is the support that families show each other and all the students. Our shared values of supporting a stimulating and inclusive school environment means that there is no shortage of connection and fun within our school community.

Yearly Autumn Fair


Every year Christmas Hills Primary School hosts our much loved Sunday Autumn Fair. Everyone from far and wide is invited to this event. It’s jam packed with so many fun things like live music, delicious food, pony rides, indoor jumping castle, face painting, arts and crafts, treasure hunts, and more. The excitement of our students is beyond measure - they have so much fun and feel great pride in sharing our beautiful school with visitors. 




Every term we work together to initiate after-school clubs that bring joy to our students and families. Recent examples include knitting club, art club and chicken club. Our students absolutely love these clubs and are rearing to go at 3.45pm when they kick off.  


Family events


We love creating opportunities for the children to deepen their sense of community and belonging with one another. It doesn’t get much better than a PJ dress up, mid-winter early movie night at school, complete with pizza, pop corn, hot chocolate and icecream. Although our end of term disco may prove just as exciting. We celebrate student birthdays with cupcakes under the oak tree and have regular sausage sizzles and casual catch ups. On any regular day, kids and families stay after school for a hit of tennis and lots of play. 


Bike track

From Term 1, 2022, our students and families have started designing and building a bike track on our school grounds for student and community enjoyment. Learning opportunities for the students will include maths – e.g. determining height of track and berms; volume measurements for required amount of dirt; lean angles in berms; proportions of height and length of trail undulations; Environmental impact – e.g. storm water management and erosion. We will also get good exercise – there will be plenty of active shovel work involved! And of course – it will involve teamwork and collaboration skills to design and build the bike track. 


Inter-school events


We love participating in our inter-school events.  Watching our students support and energetically barrack for one another at the small-school swim carnival is an amazing experience that brings pride to us all.  The same goes for the athletics and cross-country events.   Our connection with other schools also extends to excursions like the photo trail at Maroondah dam which our Quip Quip students enjoy as one of their first excursions together for the year. 


Special excursions 


Our teachers and parents often combine forces to make sure that all our students have the opportunity to participate in our exciting excursions. We’ve recently been to the city to visit the Van Gough exhibition; Edendale farm to learn about sustainability; and our Bunjil class had an amazing time skiing at Lake Mountain. We get out and about to enjoy our local community, including sailing lessons at Sugarloaf and visiting local artists to learn about their work. These experiences provide joy, excitement and a sense of personal growth for our students.