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Christmas Hills Primary School is a learning environment like no other. We are proud of our thriving and dynamic school. 

It is a privilege to get to come and work in our beautiful surroundings with our amazing children each day. Our staff and parents take great joy in seeing the way our children play and learn together across all year levels. 


We are deeply committed to the happiness and wellbeing of our students and ensuring that they are provided with outstanding learning experiences every day of the week, every week of the year.


Our school has a strong focus on academic excellence and we pride ourselves on working with our children to help them to understand the learning process and be willing to take risks and be challenged.


Our approach to our students is highly individualised and we are driven to know and understand our children so we can work with them in meaningful ways to achieve their goals.


The absolute belief that we are here for our children is the foundation of every decision we make. They are the most important people in our school and we hold ourselves accountable to this in everything we do.


We welcome you to explore our website and would be most happy to speak with you and your children further if you would like more information.


Warm Regards

Beck Marley


I think that this is a great school because everybody works together and everybody plays together. The teachers are so good and we feel like they always help us. We learn great stuff and we wouldn't learn as much stuff if we didn't have such wonderful teachers.

The kids are super nice and they respect each other and be kind to each other. It feels great because you know everybody and you can play with everybody.

Lucy - Year 3

Since coming to Christmas Hills my children have thrived in their learning and in their relationships with others. It's like a big family, everyone looks after each other and resilience and personal best are both strong features of the school. 

I'm really impressed with the independent learning opportunities provided by the school.

Damian - Parent

As a parent of CHPS, I have been blown away by the care, attention and individualised approach the teaching staff provide all students at this school. Thought, planning and creativity are in full play as they devise strategic learning plans for each student. 

I have been particularly impressed with the needs of each child being met and children are encouraged to develop an enthusiasm for learning in dynamic and creative ways. From my observations in the classroom, children are empowered by their objectives and feel challenged and stimulated to grow and learn in a nurturing and safe environment where they thrive emotionally and academically.

The school in and of itself provides a haven for learning with a stunning bush setting and magnificent oak tree that provides a central focal point for games such as 'Whole School Tiggy' or 'Cops and Robbers'. The model of environment as third teacher is fully encompassed here where it's actually difficult to get them to come home at the end of the day as they would rather stay and play long into the evening.

Christmas Hills Primary School is all about fostering relationships within the community. CHPS actively seeks community involvement for example, Tournament of Minds (competing with Yering PS), ANZAC Day Service in Yarra Glen along with being proactive in facilitating children's ideas as they arise. Such as the time there was a wombat with mange which died on school grounds. The children devoted themselves to raising money and awareness for the cause and engaged the Mange Management community group to come and educate the school community on what can be done for wombats with mange. The school actively seeks to engage in excursions with a wide range of experiences for the children and fosters exploration of themes if the children show an interest.

Lauren - Parent



  • Small Class Sizes

  • iPad and Laptop Programs

  • Blue Wren Theatre

  • Better Buddies Program

  • Bounceback Wellbeing Program

  • Frog Bog Habitat

  • Eltham Copper Butterfly Habitat

  • Organic Vegetable Gardens

  • Chicken and Reptile Pet Care Program

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