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Christmas Hills Primary is a supportive learning community consisting of two multi-age classrooms. We maintain small class sizes of between 10-15 students to ensure that our learning can be individualised in the most real and meaningful ways possible. 


We are a proud state school and work to ensure the Victorian Curriculum is delivered in an inspiring and engaging way for our students. 


Our learning experiences are multi-modal in all curriculum areas enabling our students to explore concepts and ideas through a mixture of hands-on, paper-based, digital and interpersonal mediums.


School uniform is optional at CHPS except on excursion or special event days and the children call us by our first names. We believe in earning the respect and trust of our students by our actions, not by salutation.


Our school values are built around our emblem, the Blue Wren, whom we have named 'CHIRPS'. The Values were jointly decided by students, staff and parents and they are:









These are the qualities we work to instil in our school community.

At Christmas Hills Primary we consider our children to be capable of anything they set their minds to. We see our children as equals and strive to be progressive in our approach to meeting their needs. Building their capacity for decision-making, problem-solving and independence are all key goals of our classroom structures.

Like no other...

Our focus in our junior classroom is on the developmental needs of the children and building their foundational skills in Literacy and Numeracy as well as their love of learning.


In our senior classroom we are working to build our childrens' capacity to engage in high school and life beyond. They set their own daily schedules, receive individual work programs and can work collaboratively or independently across the week. 


Whilst for enrolment purposes our children are assigned to year levels we absolutely promote a sense of flexibility in learning, so that a year 4 student may access material from year 3, 5, 6 or beyond if and when they feel ready. This approach applies across the school and is evident in the way our children learn and play together every day.

As a school community we are focused and committed to supporting the development of each child through rich and individualised learning programs.


We nurture all aspects of development including; social and emotional well being, academic development whilst also embracing the benefit of learning together in a supportive small school community surrounded by the stunning natural environment.

We proudly acknowledge the Wurundjeri people, the traditional owners of this land, and pay our respects to their Elders, both past and present.


TEL: 03 9730 1238


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