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Bush School Program

Bush school is based on the international philosophy of Forest School and provides students with the opportunity to engage all their senses in their learning experience.


.  Our specialist subjects are designed to inspire creativity, curiosity and physical activity; appreciation of our natural environment; and a sense of connectedness to Aboriginal Australia and world cultures.

Camps and Excursions

Camps and excursions are a vital aspect of our learning experiences. We attend excursions regularly throughout the year that are designed to enhance and expand upon the learning taking place in our classrooms.

Welcome to
Christmas Hills Primary School

Christmas Hills Primary School supports students to thrive through our progressive and individualized learning approach.  Our learning adventures framework is informed by research that clearly tells us that - how a child feels about themselves as a learner – matters most in striving for positive learning outcomes. Everything we do at Christmas Hills Primary School is designed to underpin student self-esteem and agency as well as student happiness, fun and a sense of safety and connectedness. We are proud to be a state school delivering the curriculum in a child-centered way. We are incredibly lucky to be located in a stunning natural environment that we see as a third teacher. Our idyllic bush setting encourages play, exploration and discovery.

Continue to explore our website for further information on our progressive learning environment. You can visit our Facebook page and school newsletters for regular updates on our learning adventures.

We warmly welcome you contact us to arrange a visit at any time during the school year

Our classrooms

We have two multi-age classrooms:

  • Quip Quip: (“little birds”) - Foundation to year two


  • Bunjil: (“the eagle”) - Years three to six

We maintain small class sizes of between 10-15 students to ensure that our learning can be individualized in the most meaningful way possible. While for enrolment purposes our children are assigned to year levels we absolutely promote a sense of flexibility in learning, so that a year 4 student may access material from year 3, 5, 6 or beyond if and when they feel ready. This approach applies across the school and is evident in the way our children learn and play together every day.

Research demonstrates the benefits of multi-age classrooms which is born out every day at Christmas Hills Primary School.  Our children learn from one another academically, socially and emotionally. Our young children often aspire to the capabilities of the older children while their older friends enthusiastically embrace their status as role models and thrive as school leaders.  

Every child at Christmas Hills Primary School is supported in their social and emotional development in a caring way. We help students build skills in empathy and positive relationships, in a framework centered around our school values of CHIRPS –Caring, Honest, Inquisitive, Respect, Persistent, Sharing. These school values are built around our emblem, the blue wren, and were jointly decided by students, staff and parents.

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We proudly acknowledge the Wurundjeri people, the traditional owners of this land, and pay our respects to their Elders, both past and present.