Our 'Bunjil' (the Eagle) classroom is a unique and progressive learning space. In the past years we have worked towards a more independent, student-directed learning environment. 


As the curriculum expands in the upper years of learning, so too our expectations for our children. We want our children to be confident in their learning and to have an outstanding awareness of the content and curriculum. In our Bunjil classroom our children receive an individual work program each fortnight that is specifically tailored to their learning needs and goals. The children work through a mixture of teacher-led and independent tasks to develop their literacy and numeracy skills as well as exploring additional curriculum areas. Whilst teacher-led group sessions and one-to-one conferencing are timetabled for the children throughout the week, they are encouraged to plan their own schedule at other times.


We have seen tremendous growth in our students' personal and interpersonal skills through this classroom structure. They are the owners and authors of their learning and peer cooperation and support is a key feature of our learning space. 


Our literacy programs flow on from the Quip Quip classroom including the Fountas and Pinnell reading and writing programs, Soundwaves and Oxford Words, Writer's Workshop, Cafe Reading and Literacy Planet.


In numeracy we maintain a strong focus on learning through doing, making, playing and building supported by our Mathletics, BlitzMaster, Maths Plus and Envision Maths activities.