Christmas Hills Primary School offers a rich and engaging educational program consisting of dynamic generalist classroom teaching and also our wonderful specialist areas. We have an extensive range of specialist programs and pride ourselves on the outstanding opportunities these present for our children.


Our small, multi-age classrooms offer incredible benefits for our children. We have much greater scope for extending and supporting our children because we are able to have significantly more one-on-one or small group time with each student throughout the week. 

The size of our classes and the closeness of our community enables our students opportunities we consider to be unique in a primary school environment, including:


  • Greater opportunities for leadership and responsibility (maintenance and care for gardens, chickens and reptiles). Such opportunities are available at all year levels and not purely the domain of the older years.

  • Communal, and nurturing environment.

  • Teacher to student ratio providing individualised, learner-centered curriculum. Smaller classes provide more opportunities to adapt learning programs to suit individual needs.

  • A learning environment where programs are flexible. Children can see what other children are doing even when it’s not their year level. This gives an opportunity to work above or below their age level. 

  • More opportunities to speak and have a voice in the class. The safe and supportive nature of the group creates and builds confidence. Rather than students feeling overwhelmed by such experiences, our CHPS children embrace them.

  • We see our environment as a third teacher. Our idyllic bush setting encourages play, exploration and discovery.

  • Students develop a sense of pride and ownership over their school

  • Inter-age co-operative play, respect and collaboration are all features of our playground and classrooms.

  • Inclusive community environment where families, siblings and diversity are welcome. Although we don't have OSHC we do have an incredibly supportive and caring network of families who are always happy to help each other.

  • We maintain an above-average rate of excursions due to our ability to transport the chlldren easily in staff and parent vehicles.

TEL: 03 9730 1238


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