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Whittling and Nature Journals

Another fabulous Bush School session today.

Adam introduced us to whittling and it was certainly a hit. We also began our nature journals which will be a record of our observations over time as we explore how the environment changes during the season.

Luka: My favourite part of bush school is the whittling. It was very relaxing and when I do it, I feel at one with nature.

Hazel: I really enjoyed making the paint with the dirt and water.

Vardy: The thing I love the most is all the nature that surrounds us in bush school. I also love the fun it brings to the students and me. My granddad would be very proud.

Clancy: The best thing about bush school is whittling.

Jackson: My favourite thing about bush school is drawing, swirling, playing and everything.

Olle: I like bush school because we got to do whittling.

Mickey: I liked painting with mud and then painting pebbles. I really liked whittling also.

Charlotte: My favourite part of bush school this week was whittling.

Sky: I love bush school because we learnt how to whittle.

Rupert: The best thing about bush school was whittling wood.

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