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Lets explore the wonderful world of fungi, mapping and camp fires.

What a wonderful start to term 2.

Our first few sessions of bush school we explored the fascinating world of fungi.

We learnt all about the many varieties of fungi in our local area, the optimal weather needed to support our local fungi's growth, safe fungi and the ones to stay away from.

Our students searched the school grounds looking for fungi, then decided to make their own fungi out of clay.

Bush school investigation table in our Bunjil classroom.

Our students have loved exploring our bush school site and have found many local friends along the way.

They have learned about the local ecosystem and how they can help support our wild life to flourish.

Bush School lesson 3

In our third bush school session our students learnt about the history of fire making. Adam brought along pyrite, flint and modern day equipment to help give our students a hands on lesson into fire and fire safety. The students started their own camp fires using flint, wood, leaves and cattail. They then enjoyed making damper and cooked it over the campfire.

Bush School Lesson 4

Our fourth bush school lesson was another hands on experience. The students searched for the perfect fallen branches. With the help of Adam and Ang, our students cut the wood to size and made bush huts with them.

Bush School Lesson 5

During our fifth session, our students learnt what direction North, South, East and West were. They then got into small groups and mapped the bush school site, using a compass and mapping tools. They really enjoyed making the scavenger hunt at the end and giving it to another group to find the coloured treasure.

Students making paint from coal

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