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Celebrating NAIDOC WEEK through bush school

Last week we celebrated NAIDOC week by learning more about Aboriginal culture as we explored some traditional craft, books and games.


I love learning about bush tucker.

Last week we moulded spinifex grass into animals and then wrapped it with yarn.

We also looked at animal skeletons and identified what animals they were from.

It's a good way to learn because you are talking about the activity while doing it.

They set up different activities and you get to choose what ones interest you at the time.


I like to be out in the bush with no technology or distractions.

It's a great way to uncover the earth in new ways.


I really liked making the tight ropes and drawing.


There lots of fun games.

We have learnt about Australian birds and bird watching.

My favourite part has been making tents out of sticks.


We made paint out of crushed rocks and water, then painted symbols on our face.

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