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Bush School Week 2 - Remote Learning

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Wild Warriors

This week we are learning about the sky and weather. What will you discover?

" The Bush School program is a great initiative. Had a great time building a shelter with the kids. It was fantastic to see how the kids took ownership and developed their own approach to play while learning in the outdoors." LEIGH (Parent)


"Bush school is so fun. We used sticks as tools."

HAZEL - Today Piper and I made a rain gauge.

Dad helped cut the bottle and we drew the marks to measure the rain.

MILLAH - We went bush walking. We found moss, flowers and a black spit fire.

This a photo of kangaroo tracks and kangaroo scratches. They scratch trees to sharpen their nails and claws. We also found bug eggs and a wombat hole (there were no wombats just cobwebs mushroom).

CHARLOTTE - Bush School Activities

My Friday in the Bush - SKY

It  was a sunny and beautiful day after a freezing cold morning.

We packed our bush school backpack with a journal, pencil case, sticky tape, wool glue and lots of things we might need..

We started out with an idea to make wind mobiles but as we were walking we discovered some very fresh poo. As we avoided standing in it we noticed a tree stump all dug up. We noticed the paw prints everywhere and decided they were deer and that they had been there as recent as this morning or at least last night. The more we looked around the more evidence we saw, very excitedly Sky suggested we follow the footprints..

So our tracking adventure began.

Following the tracks was full of adventure and beauty.  By studying the deer’s path we worked out that there were two deer a large one and a small one . Some times they walked next to each other and sometimes the small one walked behind..

The reason we know this is because the small print was inside the bigger one. It was exciting to think that these two were probably Mum and baby. As we walked we noticed that they had stopped in spots to probably eat the foliage around them because these areas would have prints everywhere and little dig marks. Then they moved on after snacking. We decided that the deer must have been feeling relaxed and feeling good strolling along in peace.

As we went further into the Bush we noticed another track going in a different direction we stopped and compared the differences in them to make sure we were still on the right track. We noticed that our track was much fresher, the prints of the other one was weathered and sometimes had a fungi looking growth over it.. We also noticed the difference in the poos at each track.

We followed the deer tracks until we came to an area that was as gorgeous as fairyland, here we noticed the tracks became confusing. Lots of deer but also Kangaroos. This place looked like a safe and happy spot for the animals to come and rest at so we stopped to enjoy it too. There was so much to discover..

Here Sky found inspiration to bring out her journal and draw a tree, she then explored the area and found some awesome fungi on a branch and a Petrified piece of wood that felt like velvet.

Here are some photos of our resting place.

We tried to work out which way they went but it wasn’t easy any more so we knew we had lost the track..

The earth was different in this part of the Bush. Dryer and less soft. We were higher up so the land was not as easy to dig up.

We continued exploring and looking around us. We have an old car the nature is taking over and a enormous tree down. Here are photos of the rest of our adventures

The Sky is amazing and changes all the time.. 31/7/2020

Cirrus clouds are wispy, feathery, and composed entirely of ice crystals. They often are the first sign of an approaching warm front.

I think these Cirrus clouds look like strokes of hair. This is part of my name so this makes me happy. Mum chose my name because of a beautiful sunrise the morning before I was born.

From Sky

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