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A Time To Reflect And Reconnect

The Hopper Family

As the half way mark of stage four restrictions weighed  heavily in our hearts and minds this week, a feeling of stagnation and boredom loomed large on our family horizon.  Not wanting to drown in this heaviness, we stopped.  We paused and we breathed.  We breathed out all the emotions and uncertainties of a world pandemic and instead, breathed in the soothing balms of the story of water and its adventures in our bush group. The perfect elixir.

As a family we remembered our past summer spent at the beach, collecting shells, swimming in the ocean, and listening to the gentle lullaby of the lapping waves.  We dug out our shells we had collected, remembering the excitement we felt when we discovered them.  We marvelled at their different sizes, colours and shapes.  We wondered about what animals could have possibly lived in these little structures and what oceans and adventures they may have shared on their travels to our little beach. We investigated the more unusual animals that live in our waters.  We explored the depths of our ocean planet with scientists and adventurers, who have dedicated their lives to sharing this beautiful planet with us.  We breathed in this and more, and all that had seemed so difficult, was washed away.  These ripples have been the unexpected but joyous moments of our bush group.  It has given us a space to breathe, reflect, imagine and wonder and for that, I am truly thankful.

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