Foundation to Year 2: Learning Space

Our 'Quip Quip' (meaning little birds) classroom has a strong focus on building our childrens' capacity in the key curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy. We use the 'Early Years' model in which the children spend their mornings and the middle blocks engaging in a variety of learning experiences focused on building their literacy and numeracy understandings. The children rotate through activities both teacher-led and independent, offering them a variety of ways to develop their knowledge. 


Our multi-age learning environment allows us to truly cater to the needs of our students and realise our vision of personalised learning. Our children are able to learn flexibly across the academic year levels depending on their interests and abilities. We actively encourage the children to collaborate with all of their peers and be flexible in their mindsets about what they can achieve.


Some key components of our our literacy sessions are: Fountas and Pinnell reading and writing programs, Soundwaves Spelling and Magic Words, Writer's Workshop, Cafe Reading and Literacy Planet.


Our maths program has a heavy focus on providing hands-on learning support to our children. They explore mathematics by doing, playing, making and building. We also use BlitzMaster, Mathletics, Maths Plus and Envision Maths to support their learning.


Social learning is a key feature of our Quip Quip classroom. This is our play-based learning component and takes place in the afternoons on our non-specialist days. In these sessions the children are encouraged to participate in structured play activities that will allow them to develop their social skills in a fun and age-appropriate way.

Quip Quip (grade 3 - 6) exploring Maroondah dam
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Learning goals in Quip Quip
Quip Quip
Kitchen Chemistry in Quip Quip
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